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Establish an ethical and flowing relationship between the clients and their audiences. Act with creativity and originality in developing strategies and dissemination of guidelines, respecting the public interest, the environment and the needs of each institution. Produce high quality contents that contribute positively to people's lives.


EMPATHY because we put ourselves in the customer's shoes.
•TRANSPARENCY to make sure the customer is always aware of the strategy and development of the work.
•Responsibilityfor theinformation, always delivering service with excellence.
•PERSISTENCE focusing on clients’goals, taking into account the editorial policy of the means of communication.
•RESPECT the client always prizing for total confidentiality.
•CREATIVITY to emphasize what is new.

Journalist Juliana Minardi is Ture’s director, she has worked for eight years in the communications industry, in private and public companies, newspapers and TV productions. She has experience in attending more than 40 clients in areas such as construction, real estate, industry, health, law, finance, hospitality, beauty, sports, advertising, food, culture, education and the third sector. Currently, Minardi also coordinates the media relations of the Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy of Minas Gerais.


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