We develop strategies that make exposure in the press, reinforce the image of the client (which may be a company or a single professional). We raise information, plan the best positioning in the press, identify what may be news, suggest guidelinesand promote actions to establish a transparent, ethical and solid relationship between the source and the journalists. We follow the interviews and evaluate the results together. We also publicize events such as trade shows, conferences, seminars, releases and specific actions.


We follow the performance of communication through online clipping service, in which customers can access the company’s news published in print or digital at anytime, anywhere. We also offer the daily or weekly monitoring service of the main news from various sectors. The client will be updated via newsletter with the required frequency.

Media Training

We empower managers and sources to deal with the press in a coherent and assertive way, enabling a more effective positioning in the media.


We promote research and analysis of various scenarios of corporate communication.After critical analysis, we elaborate a plan, develop and monitor the communication activities more efficient for each company profile.



We elaborate graphics and editorial projects, writing and editing institutional publications to contribute to the relationship between companies and their stakeholders.According to your need, we make institutional magazines, print and electronic newsletters, content for websites, publications and wall newspaper.

Web Image Management

We strategically manage the web content and promote creative actions for different audiences. We also develop plans for institutional and professional profiles in social networks.


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